Advantages Of Wooden Toys Over Plastic Toys

Summary:   There are so many different toys to choose from, and as parents, we are at a loss when we try to decide what to buy for our children. Ideally, toys should be safe, affordable and durable, not to mention play a role in the development of intellectu......
  There are so many different toys to choose from, and as parents, we are at a loss when we try to decide what to buy for our children. Ideally, toys should be safe, affordable and durable, not to mention play a role in the development of intellectual and physical skills. Despite the wide variety and easy availability of plastic toys, wooden toys are often overlooked. They actually have many benefits and can be easily compared with the bright interactive plastic toys out there. These are six reasons to choose wooden toys!
  Encourage imaginative games
  One of the main advantages of wooden toys is that they require children to play with their own imagination. Playing at the beginning of children is vital to their growth and growth. In this day and age, there are many kinds of toys that can interact with your child. However, research shows that imaginative games are crucial to children's cognitive abilities. Wooden toys have no electronic parts or voice instructions to instruct your child what to do. Therefore, allow your child to use their reasoning skills for activities that they consider appropriate. Role-playing and imaginative games will also stimulate different types of intelligence, such as emotions, thinking and social skills. Some classic wooden toys, such as puzzles and building blocks, can help children improve their calculation skills, motor skills and problem-solving skills. Children also began to use wooden toys to exercise their advanced motor skills and hand-eye coordination, instead of simply pressing buttons and watching.
  Environmentally friendly
  Do you want to play your part to save our environment? Generally speaking, wooden toys are more environmentally friendly than plastic because of their biodegradable characteristics and recyclability. Instead of filling landfills with artificial products, you can buy toys that give back to the environment for your children. Every time you give a child a wooden toy, you play a role in protecting our planet, so you pass on these values ​​to your child. Of course, as an organic, renewable and sustainable source product, wooden toys are more environmentally friendly than plastic toys.
  The mother's primary concern for her child is safety. Wood is indeed a safer alternative to plastic or metal, because children tend to stick everything in their mouths. Unfortunately, plastic toys, especially low-priced plastic toys, are easy to break, leaving sharp edges and small parts, which may cause harm to your child. Therefore, if you are worried about the safety of your children every time they play with toys, it is best to provide them with high-quality wooden toys. In contrast, solid wood reduces the risk in this way. Wooden toys are not only safer, but also good for children's health.
  Durability and longevity
  Let's face it: when playing with toys, children are not completely gentle. Although plastics are durable to some extent, the dyes and stickers used in many plastic toys often fade or tear. On the other hand, wooden toys are very durable and can be repaired or repainted to a new look. This makes them environmentally friendly and can make up for a slightly higher cost. The wood will not decompose, break, and can last a long time. Therefore, wooden toys have a long lifespan and can be passed on to younger siblings, relatives or friends. Therefore, you will definitely get good value and life from these excellent toys.
  Wooden toys are cheap
  Yes, you read it right. Although the initial cost is greater than that of plastic toys, the life span of wooden toys is greater than that of plastic toys. Wooden toys can survive for decades without having to continue buying the same plastic toys or buying new batteries because they are easily damaged. This means you can put down toys and reuse them, saving money in the long run. In addition, toys without batteries and electronic components are easier and cheaper to maintain. Although the short-term cost is greater, the long-term cost will save a lot of money.
  Timeless appearance
  Children like to experience different weights and textures. Plastic will not give children the same feeling and sensory experience as wooden toys. Putting your hands on a carefully crafted wooden object will produce a certain sensation, and children know this better than anyone. Above this feeling, wooden toys add a timeless element to the room. This modern look and minimalist style add the perfect decoration to any room.
  In summary:
  Due to the high content of toxic chemicals involved in the manufacture of plastic toys, wooden toys are more sustainable, more environmentally friendly, and good for the development and health of children. Wooden toys are not very expensive, so all of us can afford it. This is not to say that all plastic toys are bad toys. Plastic toys can still be placed in their place in the toy box; however, it is best to evaluate the durability and educational value of the toy before buying.