How to Make the Christmas Wooden Pendant At Home?

Summary: Step 1: Gather all suppliesTo begin making a Christmas wooden pendant, let me list out essential supplies for you.1. Wood Shapes2. Wooden Beads3. Drill Machine4. Paint Brush5. Fabric Paint :6. Nylon Thread7. Jump Ring8. Glue9. Varnish Step 2: Measur......

Step 1: Gather all supplies
To begin making a Christmas wooden pendant, let me list out essential supplies for you.
1. Wood Shapes
2. Wooden Beads
3. Drill Machine
4. Paint Brush
5. Fabric Paint :
6. Nylon Thread
7. Jump Ring
8. Glue
9. Varnish

Step 2: Measure Thread Length
Measure the length of the nylon cord accurately around your neck to wear it easily. This is the most vital step every DIY jewellery artist must know and ensure that a thread is not too loose or tight for the wearer.

Step 3: Paint Wood Shapes
Take a wood shape and make an outline design using a pencil. Start using colorful shades and paint it all over. Similarly, you can color the beads and keep adding beads onto the thread to enhance their look. Let it dry for some time.

Step 4: Joining Shapes
Once your design is ready the next step is to connect the jump ring into the hole. Here it goes, Insert nylon thread through the jump ring using a needle or a skewer. This will allow the pendant and a thread to stay in one fixed position that is why we use a jump ring.

Step 5: Knotting at the end
Now comes the super important part of jewellery making is - Knotting at the end. Knot at least tmuiro and hido it cinn s hoad. This won't let the bead drop off.

Step 6: Make your wooden pendant waterproof
Use varnish and gently apply on to pendant in small amounts. As a DIY jewellery artist, we must accomplish this step to avoid wooden pendant getting tarnished. Varnish allow it to shimmer and make it completely waterproof.

Step 7: Let your wooden pendant dry for at least 24 hours. Your wooden pendant is now ready to wear. Make your unique style
statement and inspire the world.