• Simple Yarn Tree Craft

    Simple Yarn Tree Craft

      When I was a little girl, my teacher used yarn to make many of our classroom art projects. As a teacher, I did not make too many yarn crafts. However, we do make a simple yarn tree craft every year. It was so fun to do this project one week before the winter vacation!   Download a complete set o... READ MORE

    15-07-2021 News
  • Make A Gingerbread Man With Fuse Beads

    Make A Gingerbread Man With Fuse Beads

      Fuse beads are one of my favorite craft activities, especially during the holidays! This is also a great craft for children. I created a cute gingerbread man to use as a decoration for my home. There are few materials, which is a quick and easy process activity.   material:   Fuse bead board  ... READ MORE

    08-07-2021 News
  • How to Make Prayer Jars?

    How to Make Prayer Jars?

      To help the children understand the meaning of prayer, let each of them make their own DIY prayer pot. This activity can be carried out with discussions about what prayer is, why we pray, and specific biblical and prayer-related discussions. You can also adjust the craft to match your course. If ... READ MORE

    01-07-2021 News
  • Pipe Cleaner Flower Rings

    Pipe Cleaner Flower Rings

      All of our children are now looking for things that can be done, I just like to make simple crafts with the least amount of materials, which children can make without supervision. We will learn to make a pipe cleaner wreath, so even children can easily make it by themselves.   Yes, I said tha... READ MORE

    24-06-2021 News
  • DIY Snowman and Reindeer Measuring Sticks – Winter Craft for Kids

    DIY Snowman and Reindeer Measuring Sticks – Winter Craft for Kids

      Kids can measure the amount of snowfall this season by making these cute holiday-themed paint rulers! We made a snowman or reindeer to celebrate the winter and Christmas holidays. This is a great way for kids to become cunning and creative, while also enjoying outdoor activities and interacting w... READ MORE

    17-06-2021 News